To the benefit of owners

We manage mineral assets to serve the needs of their owners, focusing on heirs who don’t have mineral rights experience and expertise, which is the vast majority of people.  Inherited Minerals is an advocate for the mineral asset owner.

What is the end result:  Well that depends on the wants and needs of the client.  The objective is a lease or sale that reflects **fair value** for the mineral asset.  What sets us apart from most advisors is that we are not buyers.  We deliver lease or sale agreements from unaffiliated 3rd parties, and the lessee or buyer is chosen by who is the most likely to pay the highest price.

Other companies will provide a valuation on a mineral property for a fee, and then turn around and offer to buy the property for that amount.  That is a clear conflict of interest.  This is just one of the ways the industry insiders use to take advantage of unsuspecting owners.

Inherited Minerals doesn’t buy the properties it values for its clients, we narrow the buyer pool down to a handful of candidates and approach each potential partner individually with an understanding of what they really want based on geologic and economic data.  A mineral developer probably won’t make announcements as to where they are headed so they don’t drive the price up.  Inherited Minerals understands how to spot trends and has the industry contacts to know who to talk to to get the best deal for our clients.

In essence, Inherited Minerals adds value to mineral property through extensive geologic and economic research and analysis to give owners options on how to release value.

What We Do


We’re Gary and Peter Hutchinson, the founders of Inherited Minerals. Our company manages mineral rights for owners, typically heirs. We help our clients navigate a world in which big oil and mining companies are ingenious and successful at taking advantage of property owners.

We level the playing field for heirs, allowing them to pursue the full range of financial options available at current valuations, on fair terms.

You may have an old lease up for renewal, received unexpected lease payments, have unsolicited offers for your minerals, or are trying to value a an inherited mineral interest. The bottom line is: If you are looking for trusted experts to represent your best interests, we’d love to hear from you.  

Gary & Peter


To help our clients realize the fair market value of their properties



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